• Why Advanced Vein Care Center?

    Our pledge is to care for our patients and their families like we would want ourselves and our own families treated. Highest level of medical expertise and personal care. Good clinical outcome. Our goal is to achieve superior results in an advanced and modern setting.

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  • Our Promise

    At Advanced Vein Care Center, we know it takes strong values that support a clear vision to guide our work every day. We are truly committed to performing with excellence and aim to reach the best results for our patients who visit our state-of-the-art vein center. Our vision of quality care is exemplified in our company values of integrity, respect, commitment, continuous improvement and teamwork.

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  • The Difference

    At Advanced Vein Care Center, we recognize that you have options when seeking care for your venous disorder. Our difference is reflected in our commitment to our patients, to the best facility and standards of care, and the most modern technologies and treatments.

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  • Quality Care

    High-quality patient care is of the utmost importance to our group at Advanced Vein Care Center. Our caring and dedicated team pledge their time and patience to understanding and identifying the needs of each of our patients.

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  • Technology Driven

    Advanced Vein Care Center is a technology driven 21st Century vein practice. As such, we value the importance of keeping current with the latest research and technological advancements entering the field of venous disease today.

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  • Results Oriented

    Advanced Vein Care Center takes a results oriented approach to health care and we are sincerely dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for each of our patients, every time.

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  • Patient Stories

    Listen to what our patients are saying about us...

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Understanding Vein Care

  • Your Vein Health

    A whole spectrum of leg pain and discomfort is caused by a condition called venous insufficiency, or reflux. Venous insufficiency is when blood in the veins flows in the reverse direction (away from the heart) due to gravity overcoming check valves inside the veins.

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  • Vein Conditions

    There are two vein systems in the leg: the deep vein system(dark blue) and the superficial vein system(light blue). The superficial vein system depends almost entirely on its one-way valves; reflux in these veins is largely responsible for pain and swelling in the leg.

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  • Treatment Options

    A full range of treatment protocols are available: Compression Stockings,Endovenous Laser Ablation, Ambulatory Micropuncture Phlebectomy, Sclerotherapy Aesthetic Laser Care and Advanced Wound Care.

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What Our Patients Are Saying


Latest News

  • Wonderful. I have no varicose veins showing. My legs are clear. No pain - easy with Dr. Lee. Lesley was wonderful, I felt she really was interested in me and my results. This made me feel at ease. My experience with Tina was very nice, and the staff were great and very helpful appointments. I would recommend AVCC to my family and friends!

    — N. C. from Longmeadow, MA

  • Yes, I would recommend this practice to my family and friends. Your practice compares very well with other well-functioning medical practices. Experience with the scheduling process was great. Tina listened and took care of me. Lesley was excellent.

    — Barbara from East Longmeadow, MA

  • Dr. Lee is one of the best surgeons I have met. He didn't rush me, he listened to my concerns, he explained my options, and he has a very gentle manner. A credit to his profession! Everything was excellent regarding the office. You are one of the best.

    — John from Feeding Hills, MA

  • Dr. Lee is the best doctor I’ve ever been to and he has a great staff. The nurses were also both very nice. I was a bit unhappy with the scheduling but his skills made up for it. I would recommend him to others in a minute.

    — Jennie from Wilbraham, MA

  • Yes, I'm happy with the results, less pain, my legs look and feel better. I can sleep better now. I'm very happy with Dr. Lee and Lesley who was very nice and helpful. Tina was very nice and helpful also. Chris, Melissa and Alexia were all very accommodating. The communication with the staff was great. I would recommend this practice to family and friends.

    — Isalinda from Springfield, MA

  • The outcome was what I hoped for. I came in and I was hurting pretty bad. Now I feel better, pain free. Dr. Lee was a great doctor, very helpful. Lesley was very nice and helpful towards me. Tina was also very nice and helpful. The scheduling was decent. No problem with the office. Yes I would recommend to my friends about this great office.

    — Maria from Indian Orchard

  • Looks great, feels less pain, but feet and leg feel cold. Pleased with the result, happy with Dr. Lee and Lesley. First time for any medical problem, so I have nothing to compare to, but the experience with your office was very good.

    — Joaquim from Ludlow, MA

  • I can wear skirts now, and I am pain free. More attention should be paid to making sure the patient has the correct stockings. Also, I feel that more medication should be suggested for phlebectomy.

    — Suzanne from Middlefield, MA

  • Before I went to see Dr. Lee, my legs hurt a lot and it was very uncomfortable to move around. Now it’s very nice. I don’t have any pain and feel much better. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

    — Ramonita from Springfield, MA

  • My experience with Dr. Lee and his staff has been very good. Everyone there is very caring and professional. They are on time and answered all my questions. I would readily recommend him to my family and friends.

    — Elizabeth from Ludlow, MA

  • The Importance of Seeing a Vein Specialist

    Vein specialists are striving to develop newer and more effective techniques for treating varicose and spider veins. They are also devoted to discovering safer and more advanced methods of treating vein diseases.

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