Project Description

Conservative Treatment

Conservative treatment for vein conditions is often the first line of attack in addressing a variety of symptoms. These non-invasive options require no medication or surgical procedures and can be beneficial in preventing or slowing the progression of vein disease.

Conservative treatment options include one or more of the following:

• Leg Exercise – walking
• Leg Elevation – regular elevation of the legs in the evening
• Anti-inflammatory pain medications
• Use of compression stockings
• Massage therapy
• Weight loss
• Dietary and lifestyle changes
• Avoid crossing the legs while sitting
• Avoid standing for prolonged periods of time

At Advanced Vein Care Center, we have discovered a combination of regular physical exercise and use of compression stockings sometimes can be an effective method for warding off the painful symptoms of vein disease. Both treatments specifically address the calf muscle, which  is responsible for helping to move blood back up the veins to the heart. For more information on preventing or managing vein conditions,  contact Advanced Vein Care Center.

Compression Stockings – Questions & Answers

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