I Don’t Wear Sandals Anymore: Help for Unsightly Vein Conditions

Photo of feet in sandals for a blog about I Don’t Wear Sandals Anymore: Help for Unsightly Vein ConditionsDuring the summer months, we start hearing a common refrain among many of our patients: “I don’t wear sandals anymore.” The reason? Unsightly varicose veins or discoloration on feet, ankles and lower legs. Rather than mask the problem with socks and shoes, however, we recommend treatment that improves not only the look of your legs, but your overall health as well.

What Causes Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are an outward sign of venous insufficiency. With this condition, the valves inside your veins don’t function properly, allowing blood to move backward and pool in the lower veins. This causes the veins to swell and bulge and can lead to other symptoms including pain, achiness, restlessness, burning, heaviness and cramping in the legs.

Unfortunately, because of the discomfort, you may stop doing activities you enjoy, which then worsens the issue. Your heart relies on the pumping of your leg muscles contracting to help move the blood from your lower extremities. When you reduce your activity levels, the blood is even more prone to pooling in the veins.

While at first the appearance of varicose veins is primarily a cosmetic concern, if the underlying cause is not addressed, the problem will worsen and the severity of symptoms may increase to include skin rashes, brown discoloration of the skin, scarring, skin sores and chronic swelling of the lower legs, ankles and feet.

Successful Treatment Options

Every patient is different, so we start with an in-depth consultation that includes a detailed medical history as well as a physical exam and discussion of your symptoms and concerns. We may also perform an ultrasound for a more comprehensive evaluation before developing the best treatment plan for your condition.

Treatment options include:

Depending on your condition and goals, we may recommend a combination of therapies to achieve the best result.

Earlier Treatment Equals Better Results

As with most medical conditions, the earlier we can treat your condition, the better the results you can expect. That said, we have tremendous success improving the look and feel of patients’ legs even with advanced symptoms, as our patients will attest.

If you have varicose veins or other symptoms of vein disease, or if you see the signs in a loved one, don’t ditch your sandals. Take the first step toward healthier legs and call us to schedule a consultation today.