3 Steps to Regain Your Health: Now is the Time

The coronavirus outbreak caught us all unprepared for life under quarantine. In addition to sheltering in place during an unseasonably cold spring, we also dealt with stress and uncertainty as we navigated this unprecedented event. It’s no surprise many people became more sedentary, binge-watching television and turning to comfort foods. But like the butterflies, we are emerging from this cocoon. As society slowly reopens and the weather warms up, it’s also time to regain your health.

Here are three steps to get you started.

Step 1: Healthy Legs = Healthy Life

Take steps to regain your healthThe warmer weather is calling, but how will you respond? Gardening, walking and biking are all wonderful options to get out and enjoy the world, while doing yourself a world of good. Consider activities that use your leg muscles to help increase your blood flow, especially if you have varicose veins or venous insufficiency. We created a series of movement videos to help you stay healthy during quarantine, which you can also do outdoors to take advantage of the fresh air.

Step 2: Healthy Eating

Recipes for homemade bread and decadent mac ‘n’ cheese dishes were very popular during the shutdown, but with the coming of summer, it’s time to think lighter and brighter. Farmers markets will be opening soon, and even local grocery stores will have countless fresh, locally sourced fruit and vegetable options. Aim for a minimum of five colorful servings per day for maximum benefits.  Healthy eating, combined with increased exercise, is a positive way to improve your overall health.

Step 3: Catch Up on Medical Appointments

Many medical practices, including ours, had to close for most appointments and procedures during the height of the pandemic. Take time now to schedule any appointments you had to put off.  As you aim to regain your health, take stock of what’s holding you back. If leg pain, heaviness or cramping is a problem, call us to schedule a consultation.

Ready? Set? Regain Your Health

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 outbreak taught us, it’s to expect the unexpected. There’s no telling what will come, but with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) anticipating a second wave of the coronavirus in the fall or winter, the time to work on your health is now.