Insurance Coverage

At Advanced Vein Care Center, we bring our insurance experience to you. Our administrative staff is proficient in the systems and protocols expected by most insurance carriers when submitting for coverage. We know how daunting the insurance process can be for most people. This is why our friendly and dedicated team will support you in navigating through this process and help you through the claims procedure as efficiently as possible.

Most insurance policies cover Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) and Ambulatory Phlebectomy (AP) procedures if the procedures are considered “medically necessary.” Small surface veins or spider veins without any pain or discomfort are considered “cosmetic” and most treatments are not covered by insurance. During your initial consultation with Dr. Lee, he will ask you a number of questions to determine whether you have a medical indication or not. Do not assume that you have–or do not have– medically indicated venous insufficiency without a proper consultation, as it can be quite confusing at times.  Leave that determination to our expert assessment.

Since some insurance companies may have authorization criteria that must be met on an individual basis, our professionals will assist you in presenting the appropriate paperwork to your carrier for evaluation. If your treatment is deemed medically necessary, it is our experience that the above procedures are covered. However, we do not–we cannot–guarantee insurance coverage, only the insurance companies themselves can guarantee that. We know from years of experience in working with the insurance companies, that our patients usually get their EVLT and AP procedures covered if they are medically indicated (minus co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles or other particulars of your own policy). In addition, we recognize that patient out-of-pocket expenses are increasing.  Our staff will work with you to understand your payment responsibilities and help you with options for covering these expenses.

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For more information about navigating insurance coverage,  please give our informed staff a call and schedule a consultation. Call our Springfield, MA office at 413.732.4242 or fill out the form below.