The Process

At the Advanced Vein Care Center, our patients can expect to receive a thorough and detailed analysis of their medical condition within a friendly and compassionate environment. Our process begins the first time you contact our office.  During your conversations with our staff, we will start by determining the cause of your concern.  Next, we will schedule a convenient appointment for you to meet with our providers.   Whether you are suffering from severe leg pain, fearful of an urgent development of an open leg wound, or simply interested in a more aesthetic appearance, we will do our best to give you an appointment appropriate to your condition.

Upon arrival, your consultation will include discussions with Dr. Lee and his staff regarding your medical history.  A comprehensive evaluation of your lower extremities will take place to determine if venous insufficiency or a different condition exists.  Dr. Lee and the staff are skilled in evaluating your condition, and then explaining the most appropriate course of action to be taken.  Most likely, you will require a thorough Duplex Ultrasound Vein Mapping and Venous Physiology Study examination.  A separate appointment will be made for you to undergo this very comprehensive lower extremity examination, and you will return with the result to discuss with Dr. Lee the exact type and scope of a combination of treatments needed to reverse your disease.

Depending on your physiologic needs and your insurance requirements, a comprehensive treatment plan will be formulated and presented to you.  Benefits and risks (not many) of the procedures will be discussed, and if you wish to proceed, we will schedule the appointments.  Ultimately, and simply stated, our goal is to properly evaluate your unique condition, and then develop the most appropriate and effective course of corrective treatment.


Contact Us

We are happy to tailor a treatment regimen to meet your specific needs. Please call our Springfield, MA office by phone at 413.732.4242 . Emails can be sent using our site and we will do our best to respond within 1-3 business days.