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For the treatment of spider veins

Sclerotherapy eliminates smaller varicose and spider veins through the injection of an FDA-approved drug solution that causes closure of the veins. In Advanced Vein Care Center, we use a drug called Sodium Tetradecyl Sulfate (Sotradecol®). The drug is injected directly into the affected veins, where it causes the vein walls to seal together. The vein is eventually reabsorbed by the body while blood is rerouted through healthy veins nearby.

While Sclerotherapy is covered by some insurance companies for the treatment of varicose veins, it is not covered for the treatment of spider veins by most insurance companies. Therefore, most Sclerotherapy treatments performed on the spider veins are paid by the patients themselves.

Spider veins are those small and tiny, “serpentine” veins right on the skin that are 1-2 mm or less in width, and are in shades of blue, purple, or red in color.   Although there are alternative treatments for the spider veins such as topical laser treatment, Sclerotherapy is still considered the best treatment for spider veins.

No anesthetic is required prior to treatment and patients report little discomfort during and after the procedure. Most return to work and regular activities as soon as the treatment is completed.

Sclerotherapy Questions  & Answers

How much will it cost to treat all of the spider veins in my leg?
What is in Sclerotherapy solution?
How effective is Sclerotherapy to make the spider veins disappear?
How many times does it take to make the spider veins disappear?
What if the treated veins keep coming back?
How fast will the spider veins disappear?  Will my skin look ‘natural’ again without the spider veins?

Benefits and Risks of the Procedure

What are the benefits of Sclerotherapy?
What are the risks of Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy Before, During, and After Questions & Answers

Before the Procedure: Preparation

What do I have to do before Sclerotherapy?

During the Procedure

Does the procedure hurt?
How long does the procedure take?

After Procedure Care

How soon can I return to work after Sclerotherapy?
When can I exercise after Sclerotherapy?

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