Ohmic Thermolysis

Also known as VeinGogh, Ohmic Thermolysis is an innovative treatment for the elimination of unsightly spider veins. In Advanced Vein Care Center, we use Vein Gogh as an adjunctive procedure during Sclerotherapy.  It is not a distinct and separate procedure appointment from Sclerotherapy.

Tiny, “feathery,” and a “blush” of spider veins (called “telangiectasia”) are too small for our sclerotherapy needles to get inside the vein for injection.  Vein Gogh is a hand-held device with a tiny “hair-thin” probe.  It is attached by a cord to a machine that generates micro-bursts of high-frequency energy (4 MHz) which is released through the tip of the micro-probe and delivered to the tiny spider vein.  The heat causes the blood vessels to close as the blood coagulates.  It does not work well for the larger veins which are more amenable to Sclerotherapy, but it does work well for the tiny spider veins.  Even the veins on the face can be treated with this technology.  Again, it is a complementary technology to needle-based Sclerotherapy for the full spectrum of cosmetic vein treatment.

Benefits and Risks of Ohmic Thermolysis

Ohmic thermolysis offers a number of advantages for patients, including:

  • Fast procedure requiring no anesthetic or downtime
  • Precision of the energy targets affected veins, leaving surround veins and tissue untouched
  • Treatment can be used on nearly any area of the body
  • Ohmic thermolysis offers a cost-effective treatment option for cosmetic concerns not covered by insurance
  • There are no stitches or scarring after the procedure

Risks are very minimal, but they include the following:

  • Discoloration, hyperpigmentation
  • Recurrence of the same veins
  • Skin burn (very rare)

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Please give our informed staff a call in order to receive more information about VeinGohn and other ohmic thermolysis treatments. Our Springfield, MA office can be reached by at 413.732.4242 or use the form below.