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Did you know that the skin and the underlying subcutaneous layer are considered a distinct body organ? Called the integument system, they comprise your body’s “biggest” organ, and can give rise to a number of conditions posing significant health threats. Fortunately, the following can all be treated by an experienced clinician.


Abnormalities of the facial skin are most visible, and yet, surprisingly they often continue to exist without appropriate treatment until too late. Some are cancerous, and others are infectious or inflammatory. They all cause significant discomfort to patients. [learn more]


The skin and the underlying subcutaneous layer are home to various cysts. They may appear to be right on the skin, or sometimes, deep under the skin. Most of the time they are inconsequential, but when they “act up” and become inflamed or infected, you will be forced to see a physician or go to the Emergency Room. [learn more]


“Lumps and bumps” is a vernacular term to describe a variety of subcutaneous masses (“tumors”) under the skin. Not to worry, most are benign (not cancerous). However, one should not be lulled into complacency, as sometimes a cancerous tumor can develop. The chance of cancer is greater if the mass is large in size, rapidly increasing in size, deeply seated especially inside the muscle layer, and irregularly shaped. [learn more]


“Moles and warts” is a term used loosely here to describe a variety of skin abnormalities that raise the specter of skin cancer. Fortunately, most of these conditions are benign (not cancerous), and can be left alone unless they cause significant irritation or discomfort. The problem is that some of the benign “moles” are very difficult to distinguish from the malignant (cancerous) variety, even to a physician. [learn more]


The skin ailments listed on this website are by no means exhaustive of all skin conditions that need examination by an experienced physician for biopsy or excision. There are additional skin diagnoses of some interest. [learn more]

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