Venous Physiology & Mapping Study

Our team of experts at Advanced Vein Care Center knows how important informational studies of the venous system can be when determining the correct method of treatment for our patients.   This is why we conduct detailed venous physiological and mapping studies.

This study not only evaluates the veins for the presence or absence of deep vein thrombosis, but also supplies extensive detail about the valvular function and competency of numerous superficial veins. These extended venous studies map out the location and extent of incompetent veins in order to direct our treatments, whether they be EVLTPhlebectomy, or Sclerotherapy.

Mapping the anatomy of the leg veins and the specific locations of venous insufficiency serves as an essential guide during your treatments. It is important for you to know that most RVT’s in the area are either inadequately trained or lack the proper equipment to perform a complete and accurate Venous Physiology and Mapping Study. We often find abnormal, refluxing veins on patients who have had normal studies in the past yet suffer terribly with symptoms of venous insufficiency.

Quality vein treatments begin with accurate and complete ultrasound examination.  At Advanced Vein Care Center, our patients and referring physicians have come to rely on our unparalleled attention to detail and comprehensive evaluations when reviewing all types of venous studies.

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