Other Skin Ailments and Treatments

The skin ailments listed on this website are by no means exhaustive of all skin conditions that need examination by an experienced physician for biopsy or excision. Below are additional skin diagnoses of some interest. For a complete list, one is encouraged to consult a physician or a dermatologist.


A common problem associated with shaving, this condition occurs on the cheeks and upper neck where hair can penetrate into the skin and cause inflammatory reaction. This can also occur on the axilla (underarms), pubic area and legs. People with this problem may inquire with a knowledgeable physician who can teach them specific hygienic programs to treat and to prevent future occurrence. But recurrence is common, and for this reason, one may strongly consider cutaneous laser treatment to treat the underlying hair follicles thus removing hair growth altogether.


These are common, non-cancerous skin growths that form as a result of fibrous (“scar”) reaction to trauma, viral infection, or an insect bite. They appear as small (< 1 cm or < ¼ to < ½ inch) raised pink-brown scaly growths. When causing itchiness or discomfort, these maybe excised with relative ease for definitive treatment.


Keloid and hypertrophic scars are the nemesis of a segment of population who form intense scar reaction to traumas such as a surgical incision or a healed wound. In addition to disfigurement of skin, they also cause discomfort and pain. Revision of keloid, unfortunately, has high recurrence rate, and a multi-modal treatment strategy should be discussed with the surgeon prior to the procedure.


Typically seen on the ear, this uncommon condition occurs primarily in older men, possibly related to sun exposure. A firm, scaley growth appears on the ear with a central erosion, and during the active inflammatory phase, it’s painful. It should be examined by an experienced physician for a definitive treatment if it persists or causes discomfort.

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