Don’t Let Tired, Achy Legs Keep You from Doing What You Love

Healthy veins have valves that help move the blood through the body and back to the heart. When these valves malfunction, blood may begin to pool inside the veins, letting blood flow in the opposite direction when the gravity pulls the blood downward, resulting in venous insufficiency and varicose veins.

Under the expertise of vein specialist Dr. Francis Lee, the experienced, trained professionals at Advanced Vein Care Center use a variety of advanced, non-surgical treatment options including:

  • endovenous laser treatment
  • ambulatory phlebectomy
  • sclerotherapy
  • ohmic thermolysis

Left untreated, venous insufficiency can lead to more serious, even life-threatening complications ranging from chronic swelling, discoloration and scarring to open wounds and blood clots.

Dr. Lee knows that patients who are isolating in their homes during the COVID-19 outbreak may be more sedentary than normal. He has worked with Geoff Sullivan from Continuum Performance Center‎ to produce a series of videos for people, especially patients with vascular conditions, to help prevent leg swelling and the development of blood clots.

View our Leg Exercise Videos for Healthier Legs

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