Put a spring in your step

Put a Spring in Your Step! We Can Help

Spring Is In The Air—5 Tips To Get You On The Move Comfortably

Another New England winter is winding down, which may make you anxious to get outside for some fresh air and exercise. But before you hit the trail, review these tips to help put a spring in your step:

  1. Start slow. Even if you were walking an hour a day in the fall, or running five miles, don’t launch back into your warm weather routine full bore. Start slow and build back up gradually, especially if you’ve been relatively inactive over the winter.
  2. Warm up. Cool down. Whatever your activity, do some gentle stretches before beginning and while you’re cooling down to prevent muscle cramps and soreness.
  3. Wear appropriate footwear. The wrong shoes can leave you with a lot of pain, curbing your enthusiasm for healthy activity. Check out your sneakers to make sure they still provide the right amount of support and cushioning. Consider replacing worn out kicks or investing in inserts to get the right fit for your feet.
  4. Be sure to drink water before, during and after workouts so you are well-hydrated. Dehydration can cause muscle cramping and pain, among other symptoms, and can be dangerous.
  5. No excuses. If your legs feel heavy, achy and painful due to varicose veins, or if embarrassment due to unsightly spider veins keeps you from strutting your stuff, give us a call. We’ll put a spring in your step and have your legs and feet feeling and looking better in no time.